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Gilbert Krag Lewis Profile
AKA Krag Lewis

1994 Armed Felony Vehicle Burglary
1994 Burglary Residence Armed
2010 Driving while license Revoked
2012 Felon in possesion of Firearm

Pulled from Pinellas County
Public Records

Krag was hired off in Dec 2011 to repair a blown motor on my 36ft Trojan. He promptly showed up about an hour late on day one. About a week before Christmas he came back to the boat and removed my working parts leaving a cracked block in the motor bay. That day we signed a contract and he was given an $1800 check as a down payment. that was the last time I saw him. He never returned to the boat. He kept sending lies about the motor repair in his shop via text. I asked to view the motor nearly 3 months later. More lies and then I finally had to get the police involved.

We file a theft report since he quit communicating. The detectives told me this guy is a thief and is currently on probation. Actually, he just violated his probation and was in court during this time period while we were doing business

Krag Lewis finally returned my parts after much pressure for a very efficient police detective. He promised to return my money and of course dragged out promises for weeks just like he did with the "motor repair"!

Next I am off to small claims court......

This man will rip you off! I hope this can keep at least one boat owner safe enough from him.

Feel free to email me!

Have you been ripped off by this guy???

With enough complaints maybe we can put him in jail!

Replies 7-21-17 Krag is operating under the name LEWIS MARINE SERVICE at Hales Bar Marine in Guild, TN on Nickajack Lake.He took a $1,000.00 deposit for lift fee and parts on June 7th and My boat was scheduled to be pulled on the 26th of June I confirmed the same with Krag on the 25th and he calls me on June 29th and tells me my boat was sinking and he saved it, but I needed to call my insurance company the price just went up. Today is July 20th and my boat is still on stands awaiting parts he tells me...and ask if he could get another $1,500.00 for his labor to date. I told him to!!! my attorney and insurance company would be in touch...I will keep you posted as this matter continues to grow.
  Hey Dan my name is Luke, I saw your Web page on this company and im sad to say I was employed by this asshole I work for him from may 2011/oct/2011 he is a very lazy person who doesnt know how to run a business, he paid me about half of what we agreed on about once a month and kept telling me he pay me soon, so I just stop going to work until he paided me what he owed me almost 2k. He did alot of shady thing's to many ppl like u he would take parts so u had no choice but to keep him on the job. Also he helped me fix my car at my apartment complex the first time he saw where I live that night my brand new motorcycle was stolen. I have no proof he did it but I think its a good possibility. I hope this help bring him down. Thank you

Oh, has this been fitful!  Krag took $1,000 for us as a downpayment to fix our outdrive.  That was Feb 16th, 2013.  We employed his services because he told us he'd have the work done, and the boat completely detailed, in 4 days.  And the boat was up for sale with a buyer who would pay the ASKING price!  
Well, very little has happened other than he removed our outdrive and prop and exhaust manifolds.  It was already a week after the deadline and the buyer was becoming impatient.  Our broker was getting impatient.  We were already impatient.  Phonecalls and texts to Krag were unanswered.  We found out thru our broker Krag has an arrest record as a Felon for various theft crimes. 
When he finally returned my calls he gave us some doubletalk about being on a family emergency in St. Louis and his phone didn't work there, blah blah blah. 
After weeks of back and forth bs with Krag I finally filed a police report.  His assistant texted me on Monday, 3/25 that the parts would be returned that day.  No such happening. 
He cost us a buyer who probably would have paid $5000 over what we were asking.  Plus $1,000 to our insurance company for the year.  $1,000 to Krag and possibly our $4,500 in boat parts. 
If this isn't resolved soon I'm taking him to small claims court for $10,000.  What a jerk he is.   We've been married for 40 years and have never been scammed but live and learn....

I just read your blog on the internet, which I thank you for.  He's got my outdrive and will not return my calls.
Can you help me with the name of the Detective who worked on your case against Krag?
I'm a disabled, 55 yr old woman, who is being ripped off.  I bought this boat for 2g so that my family would have it if they came down to visit.  I'm alone here in St. Petersburg, and I don't know who to turn to.
Thank You

Name removed

Saw your site regarding being ripped off by Krag Lewis.  
My husband and I had the same experience.  
We gave him a $1000 two weeks he's nowhere to be found.  Did you file a complaint?

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